Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Only what your business needs, nothing you don’t.

SQUWIX service areas include website and eCommerce development, social media marketing, HubSpot, Pay-Per-Click advertising, SEO and SEM, branding/design, and content capabilities. 

Website Development

Launching a current website is one of the most important marketing tools your business needs to reach customers and generate revenue.



From a simple cart to more advanced e-commerce implementation, our team can add a Shopify or WIX eCommerce functionality to your existing site.


Elevate your brand at every touchpoint with a current logo, letterhead, and style guide developed by our professional in-house designers. 


Enhanced Content

Develop enhanced content online to increase SEO or promote products or services in order to gain a competitive edge over your competition. 


Google Ads

Attract the right customers by running an efficient and effective Google Ads campaign by meeting the customer with what they are searching for.  


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a vital tool to interact with customers, find new ones and strengthen your brand.

Email Marketing

Tap into email marketing and your business will immediate see the impact of direct revenue and customer communication. 


The magic of remarketing allows you to continue making an impression on folks who have visited your site in the past. Remarketing is an integral part of creating top-of-mind awareness. 

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