Introducing: SQUWIX!

The UnFreelancer

Your business deserves a reliable partner, an UnFreelancer.

SQUWIX is designed to serve your small business by utilizing a shared resource model. Your business can access professional digital and marketing services with a base onboarding membership and an affordable monthly rate. 

→ Introducing: SQUWIX!


The benefits of a digital marketing team, your way.

SQUWIX is affordable, predictable, and customizable. Your business can access campaign services that will increase your business visibility, drive revenue, or elevate your brand.


Focus Areas

Only what your business needs, nothing you don’t.

SQUWIX service areas include website and eCommerce development, social media marketing, HubSpot, Pay-Per-Click advertising, SEO and SEM, branding/design, and content capabilities. 

→ Focus Areas

Our Experts

Partner with our experts to grow your business.

With SQUWIX you will receive professional marketing services from a shared pool of website, ecommerce and digital marketing experts. Think more than a freelancers; they are dedicated to the success of your business for the long haul. 

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