Senior Umbraco .NET Developer

Cassio has a knack for finding solutions for even the most convoluted challenges. His technical skills are always expanding and morphing into whatever is needed.

Cassio, Senior Umbraco .NET Developer

Cássio hails from Brazil. He considers São Sepé to be his hometown, but he has also lived in Porto Alegre. Cássio enjoys traveling and has journeyed as far as Patagonia in the far southern reaches of South America (basically, the last stop before Antarctica). 

Like many members of the SQUWIX team, Cássio holds several Umbraco certifications. He earned an undergraduate degree in Information Systems and a Masters in Engineering from Universidade Luterana do Brasil. His list of technical skills is extraordinarily long and includes everything from .NET to C# to Raspberry Pi. One noteworthy accomplishment: upon the conclusion of his IT studies in Brazil, he created a smart home application and presented it on national television.

Cássio’s hobbies include building electronics, watching Netflix, playing sports, and making music. He prides himself on being detail-oriented and having a strong focus on excellence. His innate curiosity means that he is always researching new technologies and finding new fields to explore.

Something people are surprised to learn: Because Cássio tends to have a laid-back demeanor, it may come as a surprise to know that he is a martial arts expert and is about to test for the black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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